By | June 18, 2020

Packer jobs are commonly in a warehouse or distribution center. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers have distribution centers where they hold inventory before shipment to trade buyers or consumers. A picker and packer perform several common duties that generally center around pulling inventory for orders and preparing shipments.


Typically, the first task for the picker and packer is to prepare containers or boxes for shipments. When pulling large volumes of goods, you normally go around with a container and load the goods. Keeping the picking equipment and containers clean is a common responsibility for this job. You also grab boxes that are a good fit for the products being shipped and make sure they are in good condition.
The term “picker” in the job title refers to the process of actually going around and picking or pulling inventory for the order. At a car-parts distribution center, you might go around and select various engine or body parts to match a dealership or repair shop’s order.


Depending on the size of the products, you would either handpick the items or use equipment or hand tools. The picker also has to count the quantity to match the invoice.
You also finalize the shipment by weighing the packages. If the distribution center or company pays for shipping through a third-party or if a customer prepays, you prepare prepaid labels or arrange payment with the shipping company. If the company has its own transportation fleet, picker/packers load packages on trucks for transportation. You also record that the inventory and packages were shipped out, often completed with a computer program.