By | March 8, 2023

Our country’s workforce is changing.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 2% of the American population works in agriculture.  The workforce has shifted to favor the white-collar service industry.  As a result, farmers all over the country have been having trouble finding individuals who are willing, able, and available to help out around the farm. Kindly go through the job post and ensure you read through the post content so as to understand the job requirement and description before moving to the application part of this post.

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We conducted a survey last year and found that, on average, our clients rate the difficulty of finding local workers as an 8/10.  Furthermore, over 52% of respondents said they were unable to find any local workers, in spite of their recruitment efforts.  About 41% reported that they were only able to find and hire 1-3 local workers.


Responsibilities and duties include but are not limited to the below.

  • Crop planning
  • Seed starting & greenhouse propagation
  • Transplanting and direct seeding more than 50 different crops
  • Soil test analyzing and relevant soil amending
  • Low Tunnel & Greenhouse growing; Season extension
  • Intensive crop management and rotation in a double & triple cropping bed system
  • Harvest & Post-harvest handling

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    Educational Goals:

    • To share the skills and knowledge involved in sustainable farming
    • To offer assistant an example of a successful organic farm so that they can learn the cycles of the growing season, crop rotation, succession/companion planting, and market farming
    • To give assistant first hand working knowledge with specific crops, so that they can have a solid foundation of farming experience
    • To support the hands-on learning that comes through hard work in the fields with educational resources and leadership opportunities
    • To gain experience working with and facilitating youth groups and volunteers at the farm


    The position performs sanitation labor by performing the eight steps of sanitation while understanding and complying with all food safety and safety policies and procedures. The food safety sector must understand how to work with necessary chemicals, work at a pace that delivers a clean plant to the customer on time and abide by company policies, including satisfactory attendance.


    To be qualified to perform a food safety janitor job, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily, with or without reasonable accommodation:

    • Work cooperatively with leads and PSSI management to ensure sanitation procedures are followed.
    • Frequently lift hoses, equipment, chemical containers, etc.
    • Wear employer-specified PPE (gloves, face shield, eye goggles, aprons, boots, safety glasses, etc.).
    • Exposure to chemicals (with PPE required for the task).
    • All night standing, lifting, crouching for periods at a time.
    • Perform all tasks safely.
    • Use Lock-out/Tag-out.
    • Other duties as assigned.

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    Senators are considered to be qualified (fully trained) when they achieve satisfactorily the following five categories:

    • Eight steps of sanitation – Capable of following all the steps with detailed supervision.
    • Safety – Understanding, and compliance with all safety policies covered during training.
    • Chemical s- Understanding of chemical types, labeling, PPE, and warnings regarding mixing chemicals.
    • Pace – Work at an acceptable speed to deliver the plant on time.
    • Attendance – Dependability in both: arriving and completing the work shift and compliance with attendance policy.


    Accountable for his/her own actions, ability to take direction and instruction from managers, prompt and timely, safety awareness, attention to detail, ability to focus on tasks at hand, adaptability, communication with peers, strong work ethic, ability to wear personal protective equipment, ability to work in environments with extreme temperature fluctuations.


    This position requires food safety and safety awareness, attention to detail, adaptability, and a strong work ethic.


    This position would involve you being in a wet, hot, and or cold environment. The shift may vary depending on the location