By | May 25, 2023

Belgium, known for its rich cultural heritage and high-quality education system, offers numerous scholarship programs to attract talented and deserving students from Africa. These scholarships aim to support international students pursuing higher education in Belgian universities and institutions. Here’s a comprehensive overview of scholarships available for African students in Belgium in 2023:

1. VLIR-UOS Scholarships

The Flemish Interuniversity Council – University Development Cooperation (VLIR-UOS) offers scholarships to students from specific developing countries, including several African nations. These scholarships support master’s programs and training initiatives in fields related to development cooperation, allowing students to study at various Belgian universities. The scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, travel costs, and living expenses.

Website: VLIR-UOS Scholarships

2. ARES Scholarships

The Belgian government’s Academy of Research and Higher Education (ARES) provides scholarships to students from developing countries, including African nations. ARES scholarships support master’s and training courses in various fields such as agriculture, environmental science, public health, and more. The scholarships cover travel costs, tuition fees, living expenses, and insurance.

Website: ARES Scholarships

3. Science@Leuven Scholarships

The KU Leuven Faculty of Science offers scholarships for international students, including those from Africa, applying for the Master of Science programs. The Science@Leuven Scholarships are merit-based and provide partial tuition fee waivers for students demonstrating exceptional academic achievements.

Website: Science@Leuven Scholarships

4. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) programs in various fields, such as engineering, social sciences, and environmental studies, offer scholarships for students worldwide, including African candidates. These prestigious scholarships cover tuition fees, travel, insurance, and provide a monthly stipend.

Website: Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

5. Ghent University Top-Up Grants

Ghent University offers Top-Up Grants to students from developing countries, including African nations. These grants are intended for students who wish to obtain a master’s degree at Ghent University and cover a part of the living expenses during the stay in Belgium.

Website: Ghent University Top-Up Grants

6. Fulbright Scholarships

The Fulbright Program provides scholarships for international students, including African candidates, to pursue various academic programs, including Master’s or Ph.D. degrees, in Belgian universities. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, health insurance, and travel costs.

Website: Fulbright Scholarships

7. Wallonie-Bruxelles International (WBI) Scholarships

WBI offers scholarships to international students, including those from African countries, to pursue master’s degree programs in Wallonia-Brussels Federation universities. The scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and health insurance.

Website: WBI Scholarships


Belgium stands as an inviting destination for African students seeking quality education through various scholarship opportunities offered by both governmental and university-specific programs. These scholarships aim to facilitate educational mobility, encourage academic excellence, and foster international collaboration.

As scholarship opportunities and application procedures can vary, aspiring students are advised to carefully review eligibility criteria, deadlines, and required documentation on the respective scholarship program websites. Additionally, contacting the scholarship administrators or university international offices for personalized guidance is recommended to enhance chances of securing these prestigious scholarships.

This article provides an overview of diverse scholarship opportunities available in Belgium for African students in 2023. As mentioned, it’s essential for prospective applicants to verify the current requirements and application deadlines directly through the official websites of each scholarship program or university.

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